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A sustainable fashion guide to the best eco friendly and ethical underwear fabrics

Sustainable fashion guide to ethical underwear fabrics

In this blog post on sustainable fashion we look at the textile fabrics eco aware fashion designers are using to produce more eco friendlier underwear that we are increasingly choosing to wear over conventional mass produced undies.


Modal is number one of our list (we use it ourselves) as it is very luxurious and silky smooth fabric. There really is zero contest here in terms of the feel of Modal. You are not compromising comfort at all by switching to Modal from Cotton. Modal is also shrink resistant, and very unlikely to fade, so colours stay sharp and bright.

Micro Modal is known for its amazing softness as well as being sustainable fabric as even more incrediably it is derived from beech trees. Micro Modal is very silky to the touch and feels super light against your skin. The combination of its unparalleled softness and super fit against your body make it a SUPERB choice for men’s and women’s sustainable underwear MicroModal is quickly becoming the go to choose for sustainable underwear designers because it also doesn’t fade as easily as many other textiles and holds its shape well, especially when it’s blended with a small amount elastane which is usually the case for ethical underwear.


When it comes to underwear we have all been brought up to value cotton largely because it is a breathable fabric and it sounds (and is...) natural. But cotton is a very high resource crop as it uses a lot of water, land and pesticides to produce. And this is where bamboo fabric beats cotton both from a comfort and a sustainability standpoint

Like cotton bamboo is naturally breathable and takes moisture away from your skin. But unlike cotton Bamboo releases the moisture a lot quicker so you'll have less of that sweaty feeling for a shorter period of time. On top of that Bamboo is super light and comfy. Just like Modal, Bamboo is a great ethical underwear choice.

Properties of Bamboo fabrics

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • hypoallergenic
  • Cooling
  • wrinkle-free
  • odourless

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