May 28, 2019 1 min read

Affordable ethical underwear by Floripawear

At Floripawear we are determined to make both the best most sexy sustainable underwear for women and to make affordable ethical underwear in the UK. We know, that must be impossible! 

Affordable ethical underwear by Floripawear

And to a certain extent that is very true but by manufacturing in small batches out of the more eco-friendly Modal fabric and we are delighted to be able to produce in London world class sustainable underwear UK made that is a delight to wear and at £60 per set is excellent value.

Our Batch 3 is made out of Micro Modal and will be released in July and it's our best ethical underwear to date featuring a far superior waist band which is just amazingly soft to feel, improved stitching and branded bra straps, which is just a nice aesthetic touch.

Batch 3 will be made in our studio in London in small batches and will be available in July.

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