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Floripawear’s ethical underwear UK collection

Welcome to our luxury ethical underwear uk collection! Since starting Floripawear we’ve always wanted to create a range of comfortable yet eco friendly range of underwear designed for high performance during workout, gym or sports sessions. 

Our dream eco-friendlier fabric: micro modal

Through out this process we search high and low for a perfect fabric which was more eco-friendly than cotton and was also silky smooth and ideal for sports performance. And we couldn’t believe our luck when we discovered Micro Modal! 

Ethical underwear UK

Micro Modal is a rayon and made out of Beechwood sourced from sustainable forests in central Europe. Not early does it use far less water than cotton but it’s a more sustainable manufacturing process and produced in the UK so even less air miles.

Breathable and silky smooth to the touch

Micro modal is around 50% more water-absorbent per unit volume than cotton. Boasting similar properties to other cellulose fibres, it’s designed to absorb the dye and stay colour-fast when washed in warm water, making it a popular choice in the manufacture of underwear and activewear alike.

With an impressive resistance to shrinkage and pilling, the manufacturing process of Micro Modal involves spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. The wood fibres are pulped into liquid form and then forced through tiny holes, creating the fibre. This is then woven together to make the modal fabric. 

How we make our sustainable eco friendly bralettes and underwear

Floripawear's sustainable luxury underwear has an amazing soft luxury feel that is extremely comfortable when you are working out. Each set is individually made by hand in our partner studio in London with the Modal fabric itself manufactured in the UK. 

We are very proud to design and cut in London using a fabric manufactured in the UK. This means we can only produce in batches so please allow for some delay but also that we can really focus on the quality of the product and innovation.

Our aim was to create the most comfortable silky smooth feel with high performance while using a sustainable fabric so we hop you are happy with the results! 

Ethical Underwear UK - Sustainable eco friendly bralette and thong ideal for sports

High absorption for your workout

Our womens sports underwear has high absorption which is ideal when you are working out or running

 We hope you love your Floripaunderwear as believe its the best womens sports underwear out there. And the fact it's more sustainable is an added plus!

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