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What is modal and why is it sustainable?

When we hear the expressions ethical underwear, or sustainable fashion or indeed what is modal it can be confusing to know what these terms mean. Environmentally speaking, these terms refer to the ability for a process or product to be maintained at a certain “sustainable” level. But, due to us buying more clothes in general and using them less, or “fast fashion” as it is called, the ‘sustainability’ level decreases even for. ‘natural’ fibres such as cotton and particularly if you consider the high use of water for many of these processes.

This is where Lenzing plays such an important role. Lenzing create at scale genuinely sustainable fibres such as Modal which has revolutionised the fashion industry with its sustainable harvesting methods over recent years.

What is modal?

Lenzing Modal is a semi-synthetic fibre that is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees with the raw pulp processed at the same site as the modal fibre itself, allowing Lenzing to further increase it’s sustainability.

Lenzing source their beech from sustainably harvested forests in central Europe with the Beech tree being perfect for this as it multiplies by ‘rejuvenation’ which means that the trees propagate by themselves.” Using sustainable harvesting methods, the wood from these beech trees are a much more sustainable option than water thirsty plants such as cotton with no artificial irrigation required to grow Beechwood. Amazing huh!

Ethical underwear by Floripawear

So although we still all have a responsibility to consume less fast fashion and Modal itself although a vast improvement is still no panacea, encouraging and supporting the growth of “ethical underwear” and “sustainable” fashion in all forms is truly a great thing.

That's why we chose Modal!

So now you see what is Modal and why it is a great choice of fabric from a sustainability point of view but what makes micro modal so good for underwear and lingerie is it's silky smooth feel making it perfect for underwear. Modal also has a higher absorption rate so also perfect for your gym work out

what is you know!

 There are many ethical lingerie designers like ourselves who've start to design using modal so next time you think what is you know! :)


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