Batch 3: The world's best affordable ethical underwear

Floripaunderwear's Batch 3 ethical underwear collection is made out of super comfortable premium sustainable Micro Modal fabric in London.

Floripawear works locally to make the best underwear in the world by rapidly evolving the underwear design.

Batch 3 is Floripawear's third release with the main improvement being the waist band bringing just one major improvement on Batch 2 in terms of the waist band quality.

Batch 3 achieves Floripawear's goal because the waistband is THE BEST we've ever felt and the most smoothest you will ever feel. OK we're biased. But feel it on your skin and tell us different...

And it doesn't stop there. Floripawear's ethical underwear is eco friendlier, sustainable and ethically made. In London. 

Modelled by: @missalidrew

Batch 3 will be available from July on Floripaunderwear which has the full ethical underwear collection from Floripawear and our sustainable family partners Superbulky and our sustainable fashion sister company Sustail.