Our new ethical underwear is eco-friendly and 100% sustainable underwear

UPDATE: Check out our main ethical underwear uk page here

Our new eco-friendly undies are made our of micro modal. All of Floripawear’s sustainable lingerie is designed and made in London out of the finest fabric and material

Micro modal itself is a wonder fabric and extremely eco-friendly. Not just that is has amazing properties including

Resilient colors with repeated wear – Garments made from micro modal will have far less fading from either detergent or sun. Sun bleaching, colour bleeding, and staining will never be a problem.

Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic – Micro modal is made with natural pigments and chemical-free dyes. Colors stay bright and concentrated deep within the fibers while being gentle to your skin.

Shrink and wrinkle resistant Micro Modal fibers are strong and resilient, and will always maintain shape. With proper flat drying, modal will never shrink or need to be pulled to get back into shape.

Ethical Sustainable Womens Gym Ethical Underwear - Ali Drew

Main / images: @missalidrew

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